A little psp infomation guide

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A little psp infomation guide

Post  alucard7616 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:28 pm

[GUIDE] Pandora Battery, Custom Firmware & Homebrew Software Introduction

I’ve wrote this guide as an introduction for people who have no idea what custom firmware is, and what possible benefits it could have to them.

Within this Tutorial you will find further links from this forum that contain more detailed instruction on downgrading to Custom Firmware (CFW) and also Making your own Pandora Battery. Remember have fun!


1. Introduction to firmware.

2. Pandora battery explained

3. Magic memory stick

4. Homebrew software

4.1 Console emulators (SNES NES Gameboy/GBC/Advance Gamegear Genesis/MegaDrive & older classics)

4.2 PlaystationOne emulator (POPS & Popsloader)

4.3 Bookr - PDF Ebook reader

4.4 iRshell, the alternative PSP browser

4.5 PSPTube - Youtube and streaming media made possible on your PSP

4.6 PSPradio - shoucast internet radio on your PSP

4.7 How to install Homebrew

5. Video and DVD conversion

6. Modifying the faceplate and accesories


There are two types of "Firmware" This is the software Operating system that runs on the PSP. Its exacly the same as Windows or Linux on your PC. This Operating system software allows you to browse the menus, run games and access the browser and other features of the PSP hardware.
It is located within the PSP's internal flash memory By default, the PSP will automatically look here for the Firmware.

These two types of firmware in circulation are:

1. Official SONY Firmware - Full security is enabled making running homebrew software impossible. Playing UMD Games is fine.

2. Custom Firmware (M33,GEN)- This is firmware that has been hacked (in a nice way) to remove security and enable new features that were not on the PSP before

This security on official sony firmware is integrated place by SONY to prevent people from running "unsigned code" and do other disallowed things on the PSP, some of which are basically home made programs, by individuals or groups that have endeavoured to program for the PSP independant of Sony, which is Known worldwide as Homebrew.

All modern console manufacturers implement Security measures. This is basically to combat Piracy(iso's cso's). However, it stops regular law abiding people from utilising the full capability of the PSP too, even if all your intentions are legal.

Removing the lock on Unsigned code, will mean you can run any homebrew on the PSP! Including applications, home made games and utilities to name just a few categories of Homebrew.

Custom firmware is as safe as regular Official firmware is. CFW is esentially Official firmware with a small patch (around 400kb) that removes the security and adds some cool handy extra features. The menus appear the same, the UMDs you have will play, but with all the added functionality mentioned above., plus Recovery menu, in-XMD menu, a built in Playstation one emulator all of which increase the appeal.


Before you proceed with the proposed conversion to custom firmware, you must be aware that the last and newest of version the PSP Slim (TA088v3 motherboard, and psp 3000 and psp GO) cannot be hacked, attemting to hack this PSP will "brick it" and render it useless permanently. In case you are unsure, the shipped firmware will be printed on the side of the box.


PANDORA BATTERY. (aka. Service/Tool/Jigkick Battery)


Pandora's Battery Is Used To Unbrick Or Downgrade PSP's

Tech jargon: A battery with the serial number 0xFFFFFFFF, used to put the PSP into service mode.

When placed into your PSP, it will force the PSP to run files from the memory stick. This is the only way to commence a custom firmware upgrade on most recent official firmwares (after 2.80). This makes all homebrew possible, and extra features of CFW. Basically, unlocks the true potential of the PSP. Its a must have for any potential hacker.

Pandora battery is required to do anything with your PSP regarding hacking official firmware and is a very handy tool to have in case anything goes wrong and you do ever brick your PSP. Considering one costs about as much or less than a new PSP game, it is well worth buying one.

So basically, Pandora battery can be used on Bricked PSP's to make them work again and also on regular Working PSP's, used to convert the PSP to Custom Firmware(CFW)

There are 3 ways to get this Pandora battery.

1. You can convert a battery if you have access to another CFW PSP and the Pandora software installed.

2. You can make a pandora battery (which can damage your battery, but is free) OR

3. You can buy a pandora battery from online like amazon, or any reputable online store like dealextreme.com

* 1. Soft mod: A PSP with custom firmware is needed to modify a regular psp battery. It also must have Pandora Battery Software installed to alter the battery.
The serial number of the battery is first Backed up on the CFW PSP then it is changed to a service serial number. This essentially creates a pandora battery. the process can be reversed and the sony battery can be returned to normal afterwards. The cost: Free. Chance of breakage: Very minimal to none. Just be sure to save the EEPROM serial number of the battery.

* Hard Mod: The battery is broken apart, it must be a certain model of official sony battery or it wont work. Then a pin is lifted and this creates a service mode. The pin is soldered back on to return the battery to normal mode. This is for the fat psp. The slim one can be hacked and returned without soldering there will be a guide soon .

* Buy a service battery: Widely available from Ebay and Online Stores. Look around for a good deal. Don’t pay more than £20 or $30 as they are not useable for anything other than pandora but often contain an average quality battery inside as the custom firmware upgrades require between 60-90% power to commence. There have been scam sites charging as much as $60 for a BAttery and MMS. DONT GET SUCKED INTO THESE!
Cost: Above ... Chance of breakage: None whatsoever. the update will be trouble free... providing you install the software on the memory stick correctly.



The pandora Battery cannot work to enable CFW on its own. A piece of kit dubbed as the "Magic Memory Stick" is required too. Together, the pandora battery and the magic memory stick enable you to convert/downgrade to custom firmware. Installers convert and put CFW files on the Memory stick. This creates the magic memory stick. the MS is loaded into the PSP's memory slot and the Pandora Battery is inserted. the service battery will initiate the update from the memory stick automatically.

The files are available on the internet and this site soon. It is misconceived that these are not possible to make and somehow have been modified in some other way to make them 'magic'. this is not the case and just contain a special set of files... these can be downloaded. you can also buy one if you have absolutely no idea what youre doing.

The magic memory stick has the files on it needed to overwrite the official firmware on the PSPs internal memory. The Tool battery bypasses the startup sequence and forces the PSP to run the files on the memory stick rather than flash. The files are created in such a way, so that an update commences and then writes the new firmware to the internal flash memory. When the update is complete, you remove the battery, replace your normal one, and CFW is installed.

Custom Firmware

You will have a choice of only 2 real contenders for CFW. M33 custom firmware has long been the standard and was created by Dark~AleX from the underground homebrew community. Dark~AleX is the most respected member of the PSP underground. his CFW rocks! and the gen CFW witch is slightly newer and can play the newest games.



Once you have completed the upgrade you may want to install some quality Homebrew on your system


* Console Emulators

Play old console games on your PSP!

* NES (not compatible with the PSP Slim)
* Gameboy
* Gameboy Advance
* Megadrive/Genesis
* Master System
* Gamegear
* MAME and Many Classic Game system such as the ZX81 and Commodore64

All the above Emulators run almost 99% Perfectly. The game images (Called ROMS) are widely available from the internet free of charge

QJ.net is the best place to find the most up to date emulators.

QuickJump Downloads- -



The system can also run Playstation 1 Games that you have ripped from disks. Meaning that the vast collection can now be played portably! Dig out your old PS1 games and give it a go.

With the help of some software, the images ripped from disks can be booted on the PSP

*.prx firmware module files are required to run PSX games on PSP. Also Popsloader may be required which is available from QuickJump Downloads- -. This allows different modules from previous firmwares to be loaded if images dont boot.

In addition to this, as you will probably already know, the PSP plays Music, Movies and can Show picture slideshows as standard.


There are also many other categories of homebrew, that include utilities for wireless, portals of windows XP and Vista that run in your browser and most notably iRshell and PSPtube.

* Ebooks

Homebrew PSPs can also view .Pdf Ebooks, .Txt files and comics with the appropriate software installed (Bookr).

* Irshell

iR Shell is a multi-tasking shell for the PSP which allows you to launch applications (UMD games, legally owned Backups, PS1 games and Sony demos or homebrews) via a menu driven interface. In addition to the standard shell functionalities, it includes a plethora of advanced features (to see all advanced features see below). Most features can be called upon either via the icon based menu system or a shortcut combo key for fast access.

- It's a PSP shell.
- It's a multitasking switcher.
- It's an infra-red universal remote (iR Commander)
- It's a mp3 player.
- It's an adhoc WiFi file sender & receiver


* PSPTube

The PSP cannot play flash video through its browser, however, if you have a custom firmware enabled PSP browsing IS possible. PSPTube is a program that allows users to view FLV on the PlayStation Portable. Such files are associated with streaming media websites like YouTube!

* PSP Radio

PSP Radio allows a homebrewee to connect to shoutcast and listen to the radio stations on offer. The program is no longer updated, but its pretty much perfect in operation with a nice interface. The internet connection must direct (no LANs or internal IP addresses) But works flawlessly otherwise. Especially great if you have a stereo system and wireless.


Most of the homebrew here needs to go into x:/PSP/GAME to run properly (where x:/ is the drive of your PSP) After you have copied the files with the homebrew software in over to the memory stick, come out of USB mode and scroll across the XMB to GAME. Then navigate down to "memory stick" at the bottom of the list and press X. Here you will find all the homebrew you have just installed.


Video/Movie conversion for your psp

With the aid of some PC video conversion software, for example - PSPvideo9, PSPVC or PSP Video Express - video files can easily be converted to the .MP4 format used on the PSP. A 700mb movie file can be compressed to as little as 150mb without any noticeable loss of quality on the psp’s screen, with the use of the H.263 codec
[need more free converter suggestions forum]
PSP videos on custom firmware are stored here:


On official firmware they are stored here:



Modifying your faceplate/accessorising

Its now possible to change the appearance of you PSP without spending wads of cash. This includes Faceplates and full Case Replacement (but be warned, Full cases involves taking apart the whole of the casing and internal parts of the PSP,)
Other mods include LED mods

Some interesting mods include removal of the umd drive this creating less weight and a huge gap. With two cheap third party batterys' in the space left, wired up correctly, you can charge the PSP and in theory have up to 24 hours on a single charge!


If you've broken your PSP and also buying a new one is out of the question. Accessories and replacement parts are cheap to buy. Depending on the source. You can fit your own parts without having to take it in for repair and paying the fees

There are a few sites on the net here is an example :

PSP - ConsoleShop.com, good selection, a little more expensive than some

PSP's are there to be enjoyed, SO Hack yours today


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