The forum Rules

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The forum Rules

Post  alucard7616 on Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:16 am

1.) No spamming (Short/one word posts, meaningless posts, double posts, multiple threads for the same thing, ).

2.) No flamming. Insulting/disrespecting staff and fellow members is against the rules, unless done in the junk talk section).

3.) No advertising Links such as youtube, rapidshare, megaupload, or similar, are permitted
but no linkbuck or other websites used to get money for links.

4.) Users are not to take credit for things that don't belong to them, whether it be codes, programs, graphics, download links, or anything else. They may be posted by you, but do not claim credit if you are not the owner/creator.

5.)by signing up to this forum you/your life is indebted to me (joke)

6.) Sharing of an account is not permitted, each person is to make an account of their own, for their own personal use.

7.) Users may not, post any type of warez, illegal downloads, copyrighted materials (including but not limited to; music, programs, games, etc due to the host).

8.) Users may not post malicious content (malware, keyloggers, trojans, password stealers, etc).

9.) Users may not post links to any 3rd party sites that host such materials.

10.) Attempting to harm the site or server in any way (hack, deface, Denial of Service attack, Distributed Denial of Service attack, glitch, exploit, etc) will result in an immediate ban, legal action will be taken .

11.) Any material considered questionable or illegal, or otherwise unwanted by staff may be removed, and the user may be banned or punished in some other manor.



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